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Gencat Procedures is the Government of Catalonia catalogue of procedures which contains information on all the Government procedures. It is an E-Government and Open Government project that brings government to the public through a website presenting all paperwork, organized thematically, with an organized structure and written in clear, comprehensible language. 

Meanwhile, in response to the principle of transparency included in Law 19/2014, of December 29, on transparency, it provides access to public information and good governmance and publishes information relating to the Government catalog of procedures. In this manner, it fulfills the citizen’s right to access public information, considering public information to be that which the Government prepares and has in its possession as a result of its activity.

It is also the entry point to start the on-line process, access the public folder, access electronic notifications, make appointments and use the mailbox to contact the Government to send queries, complaints or suggestions.

“My Folder” is a personal space for users (accessed with a digital certificate or password – IdCATmòbil), which facilitates the centralized monitoring of procedures and management. It also allows you to see status changes and update personal information.  From “My Folder” under Gencat Procedures, you can also access the status of procedures through the identification code associated with the procedure).

Requesting Service

Gencat Procedures is a cross-sectional project between all departments. It includes a network of more than 90 editors distributed across the various responsible agencies and departments. If an organization needs to hire a new procedures editor, they should email tramits@gencat.cat to manage the editor permissions.

Guides and Manuals

The Procedures writing and style Manual is a support tool for editors that enables the different departments to follow a standard structure in the development of the content. The aim is to achieve drafting that is decentralized for all departments and also, uniquely, without differences and, especially, no exceptions.

The procedures must be written in the most simple and clear manner possible, without losing accuracy or leading to administrative or technical errors.  The general criteria for drafting procedures are:

- Style that is more accessible and agile than the official documents.

- Using the second-person plural.

- Clear writing style, which shies away from ambiguities and avoids generating doubts.

- Non-discriminatory language.

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Update:  31.01.2017