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Rodalies App is the official application of the local rail services of Catalonia which lets you check the operating times of local trains, stations and incidents affecting the service.

Screenshoot of the application

The new app offers the basic services of the Rodalies de Catalunya (local rail services of Catalonia) website with the advantage that it is capable of indicating the station closest to the user's location.

The application is free and available in Catalan, Spanish and English.

Application promoter: Rodalies de Catalunya.

How it works:
The application has the following options:

  • Operating times and itineraries: In order to find out which train to catch, enter the departure and arrival stations together with the date. The app will present a list of trains with their departure and arrival times, the line, and the approximate duration of the journey. You can also define your preferred itineraries. It is also possible to consult the information on the accessibility of the trains.
  • Lines and stations: The service allows you to check all the lines and stations of the local train networks of Barcelona, Camp de Tarragona and Girona as well as the regional services. In addition, it indicates the services available at each station and the next trains due, together with combinations with other means of transport. Maps of each of the networks and, in general, of all of the local train lines are also available.
  • Nearest stations: The app is equipped with a localisation system that offers the possibility of finding the nearest station to the user’s current location.
  • Fares: In addition to timetables, the app gives information about the prices of different types of tickets available on the route for which the information has been requested, both those of the local train service as well as those offered by other transport authorities.
  • Energy savings: The app also provides information about energy savings compared to the use of a private vehicle, with information about petrol consumption, carbon dioxide emission, particles in suspension and the number of trees needed to absorb the CO2 emitted by the vehicle.
  • Incidents and service conditions: In addition, the application provides general information and notifications regarding local trains and conditions of the service on each line, depending on the selection made in “Notifications” in the “Configuration” section.


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Update:  30.05.2017

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