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Mobile application with advice about what to do before, during, and after buying goods or contracting a service.

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The service enables getting information, asking questions, receiving urgent warnings and alerts, as well as reporting products or services that infringe market standards and knowing where to go in the event of needing advice or making a claim.

Application sponsor: Catalan Consumer Agency.

The application has six areas:

  • Advice: About physical and virtual shopping, travel, telephony and the Internet.
  • Queries: Free advice about doubts regarding consumer affairs. Requires filling-in a query form.
  • Warnings: About services that affect citizens.
  • Alerts: About non-compliant products.
  • Reports: Form to file reports under various headings (railway services, misleading advertising, abusive clauses, hazardous products, etc.).
  • Contact details: Telephone numbers, opening hours and addresses of consumer affairs offices.


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Update:  01.09.2016

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